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This web site is owned and operated by Cheshire Business UK and is made available to you on the following terms and conditions.

By using the site and the services available on it you are deemed to accept these terms and conditions.

The information and services available on the site are provided for the sole purpose of assisting those looking for businesses in Cheshire as well as events, products and services of businesses based in Cheshire.

Whilst we try to ensure that all content featured on the Website is correct at the time of publication, no responsibility is accepted by Cheshire Business UK for any errors, omissions or inaccurate content on the Website from 3rd parties. Nor do we  accept any liability for third party links, content or publications.


Contributions made to the Website are encouraged, providing they are made in a responsible manner and are in no way inaccurate, defamatory, malicious, salnderous or misleading.

The Information you provide in relation to your business must up to date, accurate and truthful. All free listings, paid for adverts and features must be from genuine Cheshire Independent Small Businesses only. Cheshire Business UK reserves the right, without any obligation whatsoever, to review, correct, remove or modify any content submitted to the website.

1. General

a) Factual claims or offers made must be credible, current, and accurate. Misleading or inaccurate adverts will be rejected and could lead to your businesses being removed from the website.

b) Any URL included in your advert must be relevant to the advertiser directly and not connected to any spam account, newsfeed or other such promotional material.

c) Adverts must not promote any products or services which are illegal in the UK.

d) Adverts must not contain links to harmful websites, malware, spyware or anything similar.

2. Image Guidelines

a) Any images which you upload with your advert must be your own property or you must have permission from the owner of the image to use it for advertising purposes.

b) Copyrighted or trademarked images or text are not permitted unless you or your company owns the relevant copyright or trademark.

c) Images must be suitable for all ages to view.

d) Images must be relevant to the text content of the advert.

e) Images must not be displayed in a portrait format. Images displayed sideways or upside down may be removed from the website without notice.

f) Images must be of reasonably good quality - blurred, unclear or unrecognizable images will not be accepted.

g) Images must not consist solely of text.

h) Images for use on our home page (advert) must not be a profile picture or product picture alone.

i) Images depicting violence or pornographic material strictly forbidden, Any and all images must be appropriate for all ages. Infringement could mean the removal of the image, advert and your account without further recompense.

j) Images on the Cheshire Business UK website shall be made available to the company, its associated partners and companies for promotional purposes relating to the website.

k) Images relating to Cheshire Business UK, and its associated partners and companies, on the website cannot be copied or used in other promotional material without the express written consent of Cheshire Business UK or the image owners. Images uploaded by advertisers can and will be used by Cheshire Business UK in the course of promotional work for and about the advertisers and itself.

3. Text Guidelines

a) The text of your advert must be written in English and obey the basic rules of spelling, grammar and punctuation.

b) Adverts must not be written in BLOCK CAPITALS.

c) Please use only the allocated sections for including your URL, telephone number and social media information. Please do not include URLs, telephone numbers, or email addresses in the body text of your advert.

d) The mention or promotion of third parties within your listing is strictly forbidden.


By submitting a rating or review to the website you are accepting that your name and email address will become available to the company you review, and your name will be displayed on the Website. If you see any content on the site that is incorrect, is illegal or breaches anyone else's rights, please contact us.


Cheshire Business UK offers a choice of payment options to help small businesses.

Adverts and Features will be shown immediately when payments are made in full.

Adverts and Features will be shown only when Cheshire Business UK UK have received confirmation that your Direct Debit instruction has been created and accepted for those wishing to use the 6 month direct debit option.

In the event of cheques, postal orders etc, we will proceed once the funds are cleared to our bank account.

Cheshire Business UK reserves the right to cancel any Advert of Feature within 24 hours of a direct debit agreement not being paid.

Advertisers are reminded that if choosing a monthly payment option, they are committing to a 12 month contract and every effort should be made to honour this.

Should any advertiser wish to cancel the contract, they must provide 30 days notice. Cheshire Business UK reserves the right to request payment of any outstanding balance on the contract to be paid in full by the end of the notice period.

When your paid plan comes to an end, we will downgrade your feature to that of a Free Listing unless you choose to renew. Renewal options will be made available to you before your paid agreement comes to an end.


Cheshire Business UK is registered with the Information Commissioners Officer for Data Protection. Our registration number is ZA102377

Confidentiality is guaranteed at all times and no information will be made available to any third party other than with express written instructions from the Advertiser and/or Clients of Cheshire Business UK.

At the end of the agreement and only after confirmation from a client that no further paid agreement is required, the Advertisers details will only be used by Cheshire Business UK to enable a free listing on the site unless specifically instructed otherwise by the client or advertiser.

At any point, a client may request via email that all information we hold on them is removed from our system.

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