5 key legal stages of buying or selling a business

Posted in Business, on 20/04/2018

The issues can be complex, particularly if staff are involved and whether you are buying or selling a business you need to be aware of the implications, including transfer of undertakings laws, copyright licences, leases, liabilities, contracts, restrictive covenants, asset purchase / share purchase, Ltd Company, or Partnership. 



WIN a £50 Thai Dining Voucher

Posted in Twitter,Dining Out,Cheshire,Competition, on 12/04/2018

Tom Yam Thai Restaurant in Poynton, Cheshire is giving away a £50 dining voucher to be used with their delicious A la Carte menu.


Do You Make The Most Of Twitter Hours?

Posted in Twitter,Social Media,Business,Networking,Advertising,Cheshire,Marketing, on 08/04/2018

This blog comes from seeing one of my advertising clients tweet at an opportune time to include a particular hashtag which may have got them more followers, website hits and sales.  


What you need to do to get your business ready for GDPR email marketing laws.

Posted in Business,Marketing, on 22/03/2018

Businesses to comply with new GDPR set to enhance anti-spam laws to avoid hefty fine.

What is anti-spam law?

Anti-spam law restricts the sending of unsolicited emails (spam) to individuals. The restrictions on spamming individual subscribers apply not just to consumers, but also sole traders and partnerships because they are still individuals, despite the fact they run a business, and even if your email is within their business capacity.




Local Charities Need You!

Posted in Advertising,Community,Cheshire,Charities, on 03/03/2016

I'm a great believer in doing as much as I can for charity and personally think that with fundraising and recruiting volunteers to contend with, finding money for marketing, advertising and PR must be a nightmare.  Just think what the money saved could be spent on instead!